Areas of expertise:

Forensic investigations

  1. Analysis of allegations, e.g. whistle-blower reports
  2. Investigation planning and composition of investigation teams
  3. Fact finding and evidence collection
  4. Leading of investigation teams
  5. Reporting of the conclusions from the investigation
  6. Development of recommendations for improvement actions
  7. Aiding communication with regulators and law enforcement throughout the course of the investigation
  8. Support in implementation of remediation actions

AML | Sanctions compliance

  1. Review of internal policies, procedures, and processes (“as is design” screening)
  2. Risk based testing of quality of internal processes against the “as is design”
  3. Compliance vetting of the “as is design” and “as is execution” against the regulatory framework
  4. Development of compliance recommendations for all reviewed policies, procedures, and processes
  5. Remediation actions aiding at design, planning, implementation, and post implementation auditing

White-collar crime defense

  1. Analysis of allegations
  2. Development of defense strategy options
  3. Collection of facts and evidence supporting the line of defence agreed with the client
  4. Development of communication supporting defence line, both internally and externally
  5. Aiding the client in execution of the agreed defense line (legal representation)
  6. Development of recommendations for improvement actions mitigation the risk of future allegations of misconduct